Brand Positioning


The goal of this study is to evaluate brand awareness positioning and consumption, thus allowing measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns associated with a set of product and service categories with the following indicators:

  • Notoriety:
    • Spontaneous (Top Of Mind + Other References)
    • Suggested
    • Global
    • Evolutionary (in relation to the last two vacancies)
  • Advertising Recall (Top Of Mind):
    • Brands
    • Medium where was seen or heard the advertising
    • Advertising evaluation
    • Evolutionary (in relation to the last two vacancies)
  • Consumption:
    • Frequent branding
    • Substitute brand

It is possible to verify changes in consumer behavior at different times of the year with 3 times a year.


Universe made up of individuals aged 15 and over, resident in Luanda. The final data of the General Census of Population and housing of Angola 2014 of the INE quantify this universe in 3,883,539 individuals.


The sample is 1,000 individuals per vacancy.

All respondents are selected using proportional quotas by gender, age group and municipality of residence.


Three times a year.


Information is collected through a tablet (CAPI) and a structured questionnaire, with open and closed questions, in a face to face approach and in the interviewees’ municipalities of residence.

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