About Us

Founded in 2005, Keyresearch® is the oldest market research and media monitoring company operating in Angola. Going beyond the clear and beyond the “whys” is our way of guaranteeing assertive and sustained responses to our Clients’ strategic objectives.


Our mission is to support our Clients to achieve success by providing them access to diverse market research services in a qualitative and quantitative methodology, thus giving companies with reliable evidence as a basis for their decision-making on time and at competitive prices.

We believe that we are a national reference company in Market Studies. We want to be the partner of choice and be recognized as a quality, affordable, transparent, competitive and comprehensive service provider that supports our Clients in making evidence-based decisions that maximize their business goals and maintain good relationships with their stakeholder.

Keyresearch®'s corporate culture is based on very strong values that promote team work spirit, communication excellence and high motivation of our 100% national human resources. Among them we highlight: Trust, Integrity, Dynamism, Professionalism, Specialization, Ethics, Innovation and Transparency.

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