The pandemic has had a strong impact on all sectors of society, not to mention the high numbers of deaths recorded around the world. In the midst of all unprecedented chaos, we are experiencing a period of uncertainty that negatively impacted all companies of any segment or size, and to help managers understand changes in purchasing and consumption habits in the market, Keyresearch carried out a set of research to assess the impacts of Covid-19 on Angolan consumer behavior.

In view of the pandemic situation we are experiencing today and which will possibly extend over the next few years, it is very important to analyze the different changes in the daily lives of the Angolan people. With the range of restrictions implemented in the country, media consumption became more frequent as a reliable enunciator of the facts of the world as well as the best means of entertainment. The present study shows that, in view of this fact, many national and international brands had great notoriety with regard to this theme.

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