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Market Research Consultant

Keyresearch® is an Angolan, market research and media monitoring company specializing in ad hoc solutions.

The company was founded in 2005, Keyresearch® is one of the oldest market research and media monitoring company operating in Angola. Moreover and beyond the "Why", this is our way of ensuring assertive and sustained responses to our clients' strategic goals.

We carry out market research throughout Angola territory and for all business sectors, creating solutions tailored to the needs of customers and each project, providing innovative methodologies and analysis.

We exist since 2005, when we launched ourselves into the market developing pilot projects. Today we have hundreds of successful research projects in numerous fields and we are proud to work with some clients for over 10 years.

With over 250 projects carried out, we currently have a diversified client portfolio that includes, among others, multinational and large, medium and small Angolan companies, operating in all sectors of the economy, such as Consumer, Industry, Distribution and Commercial Spaces, Health and Pharmaceutical Industry, Advertising and Communication, The Media, Financial and Insurance, Education, Agriculture, Miscellaneous Equipment, Information Technology, Transportation, Miscellaneous Services, Tourism, Travel and Leisure.

Keyresearch - Pesquisa, Estudos de Mercado e Monitorização de Media

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