Omnibus Keyresearch


A fast and economic way to answer questions more immediate market.

Omnibus Keyresearch is a fast and economic research solution for those who want timely and concrete information, with the reliability of robust methodology research, allowing for a wide versatility of uses.

The questionnaire is collective and each client reserves a space in the questionnaire, depending on the questions wish to ask, sharing only the characterization data and structural costs of the study with the other participants.

Although the questionnaire has divided space for multiple clients, the results are unique: each company will receive only the results of their issues, ensuring exclusivity and confidentiality of information. We guarantee also the turnover between groups of questions to form a balanced position of each group in the questionnaire.


Universe made up of individuals aged 15 and over, resident in Luanda. The final data of the General Census of Population and housing of Angola 2014 of the INE quantify this universe in 3,883,539 individuals.


The sample is 1,000 individuals per vacancy.

All interviewed are selected using proportional quotas by gender, age group and municipality of residence.


Twice a year.


Information is collected through a tablet (CAPI) and a structured questionnaire, with open and closed questions, in a face to face approach and in the interviewees’ municipalities of residence.

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