The purpose of this project was to create an African audience survey and measurement tool that would look at product and media consumption habits, with the possibility of connecting to a comparable database between different countries on the continent.

The questionnaire was developed by PAMRO (organization that brings together media studies companies) and implemented in Angola by Keyresearch® as a member company of this African organization.

The survey is based on the seven main categories:

  • Demographics – age, purchasing power, education, employment status
  • Mobile – advancing mobile telephony
  • Media equipment – use of computers and other means
  • Internet access
  • Media access and consumption – television, radio, print, film, outdoor advertising
  • Locomotion
  • Lifestyles


Universe made up of individuals aged 15 and over, resident in Luanda. The final data of the General Census of Population and housing of Angola 2014 of the INE quantify this universe in 3,883,539 individuals.


The sample is 2,000 individuals per vacancy.

All respondents are selected using proportional quotas by gender, age group and municipality of residence.


Once a year.


The collection of information is accomplished through tablet (CAPI) by using a structured questionnaire, with open and closed questions, in face to face approach and in the interviewees’ municipalities of residence.

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