Omnibus Keyresearch


A faster and cheaper way to answer your market questions.

Omnibus Keyresearch is a fast and economic research solution for who needs specific and concrete information, based on a strong and reliable methodology, providing a wide versatility in its usage.

It has a collective questionnaire where each client book some space, according to the information he needs. Each client only share characterization data and structural costs with the other clients involved.

Although the shared questionnaire, the results are exclusive: each client will only receive the results of his questions – confidentiality is assured. It is also assured the rotativity between sets of questions, to guarantee their random.


The universe is composed by individuals aged 15+ years old, living in Luanda. According to the information from Recenseamento Geral da População e da Habitação de Angola 2014 (Census) from INE, this universe is estimated in 3.883.539 individuals.


The sample is 1.000 individuals/wave.

All individuals are selected according to proportional quotation on gender, age and residence.


Two times/year.

Collection Method

Face to face interviews in the respondent’s neighborhood, based on a structured questionnaire with open and closed questions.

Quality Control

To validate the information, there are quality control procedures that may be defined in 4 different points:

  1. Monitoring of all (100%) interviewers by field supervisors.
  2. Total revision of 100% of questionnaires.
  3. Re-contact by phone of, at least, 30% of all valid interviews, covering all the interviewers.
  4. Validation of answer’s consistency with statistic software.


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