Quantitative Methodology


Methodology based in measuring data, behavior information, habits, attitudes, perceptions and consumer evaluations with a posterior analysis of the data that was obtained from a statistically and representative sample of the universe.

It’s the methodology more efficient when high level of accuracy decisions are needed.

The purpose of the research is to measure behavior, habits, opinions and consumer evaluations.

Keyresearch - trabalho de campo

Collection Techniques

Face to face – interviews collected personally in the presence of the interviewee. These interviews, depending on the purpose of the research, may be collected at home, at work, in flow points (intercept of individuals when walking/in transit) or in a central location (pre-arranged local, prepared for interviews with individuals that were previously recruited). In predefined locations, we frequently perform Product Tests.

CATI/ Telephone interviews – interviews collected by phone, computer assisted to simplify and make the interviewer’s task more efficient. This technique assures a higher quality control, since allows data validation online, avoiding inconsistencies when collecting the data; it also allows the simultaneous monitoring of the interviews (through scheduled listening).

CAPI/ Tablet interviews – interviews collected with the support of an electronic data collector (Tablet). This system enables the application of the questionnaire and typing simultaneously, allowing the transmission of the data immediately after the conclusion of the interview, ensuring a greater agility and speed in analysis and presentation of the results. An additional advantage is to permit that delicate questions/issues can be answered directly by the interviewee, using the tablet, guaranteeing total confidentiality while registering the information.

Panel – consumers are selected and invited to be part of a fixed panel that regularly will check various products in their homes or other previous chosen places. The main purpose of a fixed panel is to provide an efficient tool in the data collection, processing and analysis. It also gives consumption evolution data based on a fixed sample.

Desk Research – most of the surveys need a preliminary data collection work (Desk Research). This collection is usually based on the information provided by official entities.

Online surveys – interviews directly answered through the WEB, with programming of data collection instrument and hosting of the database in our online platform. Interviews are carried out among a specific public with an effective and demonstrated access to internet. This methodology gives a greater agility while collecting and processing the data, guaranteeing at the same time a total confidentiality of the respondents’ answers. More information about Online surveys.

Winding – this technique is a count of events, based on observation and register of vehicles, urban equipment’s or people. It is used, for example when we want to know how many daily visitors has a mob, or the number of consumers that tested a promotion in a supermarket, or how many pharmacies are in a certain region, etc.


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