Audience measurement and Consumption of Products/Services


The purpose of this project was to create an instrument of research and audience measurement in Africa, that could obtain data on products, services and media consumption, making possible the creation of a database comparable between the different countries of the continent.

The questionnaire was developed by PAMRO (organization that brings together media research institutes) and carried out in Angola by Keyresearch, as a member of this organization.

The research is composed by eight main categories:

  • Demography – age, purchasing power, scholarity, work condition;
  • Mobile Phone – growth in mobile phones usage;
  • Media Equipments – use of personal computers, for example;
  • Internet access;
  • Media consumption – TV, radio, written press, cinema, advertising on outdoors;
  • Locomotion;
  • Life Style;
  • Products and services consumption – banks, insurance, soft drinks, beers e juices.


The universe is composed by individuals aged 15+ years old, living in Luanda. According to the information from Recenseamento Geral da População e da Habitação de Angola 2014 (Census) from INE, this universe is estimated in 3.883.539 individuals.


The sample is 2.000 individuals/wave.

All individuals are selected according to proportional quotation on gender, age and residence.


One time/year

Collection Method

Face to face interviews in the respondent’s neighborhood, based on a structured questionnaire with open and closed questions.

Quality Control

To validate the information, there are quality control procedures that may be defined in 4 different points:

  1. Monitoring of all (100%) interviewers by field supervisors.
  2. Total revision of 100% of questionnaires.
  3. Re-contact by phone of, at least, 30% of all valid interviews, covering all the interviewers.
  4. Validation of answer’s consistency with statistic software.


Keyresearch - Audiências Keyresearch - Audiência Total Rádio Keyresearch - Programa preferido Televisão

Audience measurement and Consumption of Products/Services Reports (immediate delivery)

CategoryWave Nov/15Wave Apr/16Wave Aug/16
Habits and behaviors
Media – Press
Media – Outdoor
Media – Radio
Media – Television
FCMG – Beer
FCMG – Spirits drinks
FCMG – Wine
FCMG – Soft drink
FCMG – Juice
Service – Bank
Service – Insurance
Service – Telecommunications
Service – Pay Television


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